[View Recording] Put the Darts Away: The Importance of Benchmarking Data in Sales Planning

When it comes to sales planning, are you closing your eyes and hoping for the best? Sales teams and quotas evolve over time. But the more things change, the more comp plans and territories stay the same.

Tweaks will have a small, and potentially negative, impact. But, an informed approach is a game changer. And because it can be leveraged to understand leading indicators, data is an essential strategic component to attract and retain top talent.

Join us for our September 20th webinar, as Erik Charles (Xactly’s head of strategic marketing) will discuss the importance of current benchmarking data for effective plan design and how you can apply it this coming year.  Joined by Gavin McChesney, Sales Operations Manager of Big Switch Networks, you will learn:

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?
  • How to navigate the many pain points of planning season
  • How to avoid the disastrous results of poor territory planning
  • How to design plans that meet the evolving needs of both your team and the market
  • PLUS, what can small companies learn from the big dogs? And what have the big dogs forgotten along the way?
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