Sales Compensation in a Recurring Revenue Business

Recurring revenue has revolutionized enterprise software, making SaaS one of the fastest growing categories of startups. But this model has placed even greater demands on the commission process, as salespeople must be paid quickly and accurately in order to maximize recurring revenue.

Attend the Xactly webinar to learn best practices for sales compensation plan design in a recurring revenue business. This webinar will cover:

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?
  • The best primary measures of sales performance and the necessary secondary measure.
  • Common mis-steps in these plans, ranging from measuring total contract value to long annuity “tails” on the comp plan.
  • The special considerations in businesses that have the same salespeople selling both recurring and one-time revenue deals.
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    Webinar Speakers
    Donya Rose
    Sales Compensation Design Practice Expert
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