The End of Weighting – Relative Rate Plans to Direct Sales Focus

The best and highest use of your sales compensation spend is to focus your sales people on the most important sales. The traditional approach is to pick a few measures aligned with the key accountabilities of the role, assign weights to focus effort, set goals, and design payout tables (possibly with linkages among them).

Join us for a discussion of a whole new way to think about the relationship among the measures in your plan that includes a practical way to keep the plan simple AND emphasize multiple aspects of the sale.

What you’ll take away from this webinar:

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?
  • The best and highest use of sales compensation
  • The best use of the traditional weighted approach to incentive components
  • The situations in which the traditional approach breaks down, and why
  • How to build a relative rate plan and when to use it
  • Potential pitfalls of a relative rate plan
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    Webinar Speakers
    Donya Rose
    Leader, Sales Compensation Design Practice
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