Webinar Series: Delivering the Perfect Pitch

Set your sales team up for success by harnessing the key components of a super rep so that you can build a full team of them.

Elay Cohen, CEO & Founder of Saleshood and former Sales Productivity Salesforce Executive, deconstructs the steps for delivering the perfect pitch.

Attendees will learn:

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?
  • Actionable training techniques to make sure reps are on-message every time
  • How certification tools ensure your reps retain the right information to master the perfect pitch
  • Why peer ranking opportunities give reps access to the best parts of pitches from the larger sales teams
  • Get more reps consistently meeting and exceeding quota, bringing value to their prospects, and outperforming the competition.

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    Webinar Speakers
    Coach your super reps to execute power sales plays better and help your sales team shape key relationships, build a bigger pipeline, and close more business faster than ever before.
    Justin Lane
    Director, Partner Marketing
    Elay Cohen
    Co-Founder, SalesHood
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