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Incent Express Product Video

The Xactly Incent Express video dives further into the capabilities and tools offered by this cloud-based solution. See how your organization will benefit from a tool that provides visibility across departments, and increases productivity across job functions.

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[Game the Plan] Chapter 6 Kit

In chapter 6 of Game the Plan, we dive into the art of motivation. While some may argue that people are either naturally motivated on they’re not, we’re here to call their bluff. Every employee is motivated by something; the art is in finding what that something is.

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[Game the Plan] Chapter 5 Kit

Sales and Finance departments have historically had a tension-filled relationship. But they don’t have to be at odds with one another. In Chapter 5 of Game the Plan, we focus in on the ways you can bridge a gap between what can be an incredibly dynamic duo.

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Best Practices for Territory Design and Management

Handling sales territories can be a difficult endeavor for any business leader. Learn what it takes to effectively research, set, and manage territories as well as the best ways to handle sales rep pushback and how to foster a supportive team environment.

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Incent Pro Product Video

Take control of your incentive compensation and inspire performance with Xactly Incent Pro. Our cross-functional application allows Finance, Compensation, and Sales teams greater visibility into quota attainment and employee performance giving them real-time analytics and flexibility to make changes based on market conditions.

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Employee Engagement Report

For HR professionals, employee engagement is more than just a buzzword. In fact, a recent study showed that as many as 75% of employees are not fully engaged in their work. Employees that are not actively engaged at work are less productive and can even influence the productivity of their coworkers.

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