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La révolution est en marche

Trop nombreuses sont les entreprises à connaître des difficultés pour atteindre leurs objectifs de revenus, car leur entonnoir des ventes ne tient pas compte des données essentielles, ce qui entraîne des prévisions inexactes. Cette époque est terminée !

Xactly a racheté TopOPPS pour définir une nouvelle norme d’intelligence afin de redéfinir les performances liées aux revenus. Bienvenue dans la révolution des revenus !

The crux of it is a partnership. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. What we are looking for are smart partners to help us through this process with a wider perspective. Is what we’re doing the most effective thing? Xactly helps us travel that path and inform our choices as a true partner.


Xactly's insights help us understand probabilities to allow our sales team to adjust tactics. This is imperative to achieve sustained and profitable growth.

Chris Kontes
Founder and COO

At this scale and stage of our business, it would be nearly impossible to do strategic sales planning without the agility that Xactly provides. Managing compensation effectively at this scale without an automated solution would limit our ability to make strategic decisions because our time would be spent calculating comp on spreadsheets, which is unnecessary. We’d still be stuck in the mentality of ‘what can we do?’ versus ‘what do we want to do, that will drive results.

Matt Sheppard Global Sales
Global Sales Compensation Operations and System
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We went from our best endeavors to a sales forecasting accuracy rate of nearly 100%. In addition to the increased sales forecasting precision, we are listened to and treated exceptionally well, relationships matter, therefore we have never attempted to find another Forecasting solution. There is mutual respect and care between our teams.

Keith Robinson
Head of Inside Sales

Xactly has taken the area of sales compensation to a different level – we’re not just talking about the pay, we’re talking about how we go to market, we’re talking about sales strategy and how we support our sales organization.

Ely Lai
Sr. Director, Global Sales Compensation

With Xactly Forecasting, we are looking strategically at the revenue that a potential customer could bring in, and it can show me the value of the deal before it comes in. Do I factor in partners? Does it impact the margin? What’s the probability of winning and why? With this solution, I can look at each individual salesperson’s funnel and opportunities. It’s easily presented within the dashboard and informs a more accurate forecast call and allows us to create more intelligent revenue management processes.

Ron Alphin
Vice President, Sales Operations
ABM Federal
ABM Financial Case Study
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Gagnez en clarté et en contrôle sur RevOps

Vous avez besoin des bons outils et des bonnes approches pour faire le lien entre les informations commerciales essentielles afin d’élaborer des prévisions basées sur des données comportementales et la gestion des pipelines. Nous avons rassemblé toutes les connaissances nécessaires.


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Strategic Sales Planning

Eliminate the guesswork from your resource planning to hit sales targets and drive top-line growth with AI.


Revenue Performance Management

Seamlessly execute on day-to-day changes within the organization that are critical to success.


Incentive Compensation Management

Drive the right sales behaviors to align with company objectives.


Revenue Performance Analytics

Gain the power of agility to assess the health of your revenue organization.

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Les analystes et les clients s’accordent sur le fait que Xactly est le leader pour la gestion des performances des ventes

N’attendez plus. Selon nos partenaires, notre plateforme en nuage révolutionne le marché et donne aux organisations commerciales la capacité et la précision nécessaires pour améliorer leurs performances de ventes en temps réel pour augmenter les revenus, réduire les risques et limiter les coûts.

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