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Efficiency and Accuracy From Pipeline to Paycheck

increase in Sales productivity
reduction in overpayment, thanks to automation
increase in commission forecasting accuracy
hours saved every month

Sales Forecasting

Achieve Greater Accuracy for More Resilient Revenue

Xactly Forecasting® enables deeper pipeline insights, empowering sales and finance to more accurately predict and improve performance:

  • Utilize AI-augmented forecasting to make more accurate predictions based on things like days left in the period, sentiment analysis and your company-specific sales process  
  • Monitor pipeline health with the ability to drill deeper into deal movement
  • Predict commission exposure by combining the power of Xactly Incent® and Xactly Forecasting 
  • Promote effective sales execution with opportunity milestones, and move deals forward with actionable alerts
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Man uses laptop and mobile device both running Xactly Incent

Incentive Compensation Management

Align Sales Rep Behavior to Corporate Goals

Xactly Incent® helps companies design, automate and manage incentive compensation to align seller behavior with revenue goals.

  • Create and manage any type of commission plan with reusable elements like rules, quotas, and rate tables
  • Over 100 out-of-the-box reports and personalized dashboards to track sales and plan performance
  • Increase sales rep productivity and trust with on-demand visibility into commissions and payouts
  • Encourage reps with the commission estimator, where they can see how much they can earn from opportunities

Why Choose Xactly

Xactly is a Leader in Sales Performance Management

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Plan, Perform, and Predict with Precision

One platform manages key GTM activities like territory and quota planning, incentive compensation, and sales forecasting and pipeline management.

Predictive Analytics

Data is in our DNA – and our AI

With more than 18 years of pay and performance data, our software helps you take immediate, confident action.

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We’re Sales Performance Visionaries

Born in the cloud and made for enterprise-scale, we support ambitious organizations in their quest for revenue excellence.

We implemented Salesforce and Xactly Forecasting at a similar time, and these two solutions working together have been a game-changer in terms of understanding where we are going to land at the end of the quarter.

Keith Robinson
Vice President of Sales
sales forecasting accuracy rate after growing MetaCompliance's sales team by 400%

Ensuring that the sales team’s incentives are aligned with the larger goals of our company is a top priority. Xactly’s solution would allows us to scale and motivate our reps properly no matter how much or fast we grow.

Nick Mehta

There is always a barrier to change. People think, ‘I know my world right now; I can handle it.’ BUT it’s a matter of I didn’t realize how much Xactly had to offer until we implemented it. Do your research, talk to resources, talk to peer companies, and you will soon realize that you don’t have to deal with these pain points. It’s a transformative product. I am a former Excel geek, and Xactly is the best shortcut you will ever get in managing revenue.

Courtney Aubin
Compensation Team Lead

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