Live From CompCloud: Christopher W. Cabrera and Peter Diamandis Talk Incentives

5 min read

The second day of CompCloud, Xactly's annual user event, is in full swing this morning after an inspiring keynote session with Xactly's Founder and CEO Christopher W. Cabrera, and the Chairman and CEO of the XPrize Foundation Peter Diamandis. It was standing room only as the two industry leaders discussed both the incredible future of incentives, and the potential of mankind as a whole when the right motivators are in place. If you weren't able to make it to the event, have no fear; we're sharing many of the insights that Cabrera and Diamandis discussed during this morning's Q&A. If anyone knows the transformative power of incentives, it's Cabrera and Diamandis - the former has over two decades of experience in the sales industry and started Xactly based on the idea that properly managed and executed incentives could revolutionize sales, employee engagement, and the customer experience. Diamandis founded the XPrize due to his belief that incentives could accomplish anything - from curing world hunger to traveling to space. His personal motto is "the best way to predict the future is to create it for yourself." It's rare to have two people in one room so dialed in to the future of incentives, and the conversation that followed renewed my hope that "the future is brighter than we think." Christopher Cabrera: We live our lives in the weeds, and listening to you talk really helped me to see the big picture. At first I felt a little useless sitting back there and listening to all the amazing things that you're a part of, and then I felt incredibly inspired. How would you respond to people that get overwhelmed by the exponential change of technology? Peter Diamandis: The world's biggest problems are the world's biggest opportunities. If you want to become a billionaire, then help a billion people. Technology has the potential to solve society's greatest challenges. Cabrera: I was a little nervous during that talk thinking about bees with cameras in them and having a self-driving car. I mean, I like driving my own car! Diamandis: And that's ok, you can still drive. But people used to say I want to grow my own food. Cabrera: True, but is there a risk of runaway tech? Diamandis: Most of the evil done in the world is done in secret; the more technology people have access to, the more they change their behavior and morality when they are being observed. Cabrera: I'm passionate about the idea that incentives could solve our water crisis. I know you're involved in sponsoring a contest that would help solve this. Can you tell me a little bit about that? Diamandis: Yes, Coca-Cola India is working on underwriting a water XPrize. Technology takes what used to be scarce and makes it abundant. Our goal is to take water out of the air and make it drinkable. Cabrera: That successfully took it up a level! I would love for Xactly to create a challenge. Thank you so much for joining us today, that was very thought-provoking. With the right incentives, truly anything is possible. As Diamandis said, "you get what you incentivize." Whether that's incentivizing your sales people, or motivating teams to figure out solutions to society's greatest challenges, incentives have the power to unlock incredible, abundant potential.