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Increase Operational Efficiency and Agility

Automate and optimize manual activities (e.g., tracking completion of payroll, approving plans, assigning credits, etc.) for faster operations, lower costs, and happier employees.

Predictive Analytics

Surface Insights in Real-Time for More Informed Decisions

Unite critical data sources—CRM, HCM, ERP, and more—to elevate untapped insights, gain more holistic views, and optimize critical workflows across systems.

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Improve Collaboration Across GTM Teams

Streamline cross-functional processes and automate manual activities (e.g., approvals, disputes, deal claims, etc.) that traverse GTM teams to increase transparency and audibility.

Extend the Xactly platform.

Executing tedious processes across a large, multi-threaded tech stack is hard. That’s why we’ve embraced extensibility and composability—simple, powerful process automation, and more tailored experiences to meet the nuanced needs of teams today.

Xactly Extend complements our purpose-built products by providing natural extensions for adjacent processes (e.g., approvals, roster management, objectives, and crediting structures), and bespoke applications to automate activities along complex workflows that span Xactly solutions and external data sources.

Disputes Inquires Use Case
MBO Plan Dashboard

Automate and manage processes in one place.

  • Allocations, Disputes, and Inquires
    Create dashboards and forms to manage and automate processes involving manual adjustments.
  • Management by Objectives (MBOs)
    Accommodate nuanced MBO use cases (i.e., more data-driven and data-backed objectives with real-time tracking of changes over time) and custom structures with the necessary data flows.

Simplify complex processes.

  • Payroll Approvals
    Handle complex payroll processes that span multiple stakeholders and require automation to mitigate risks and save time.
  • Data Hygiene and Validation
    Leverage data connections and a variety of visualizations to maintain administrative dashboards and facilitate important work such as financial reporting, sales performance, productivity, and rate of return monitoring.
Payroll Approval Summary
Work smarter. Not harder.

Work smarter. Not harder.

  • Deal Claims, Discretionary Bonuses, and Adjustments
    Update and approve deal claims, bonuses, and adjustments in a more streamlined and auditable manner.
  • Quotas and Crediting
    Account for any quota and crediting while providing transparency among all relevant stakeholders and the required data and metrics.