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Salesforce Customer 360

Helps to optimize the engagement between buyer and seller at all stages of the customer lifecycle, thus unifying interaction from lead to loyalty.

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Xactly Seller 360

Built on Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform, Xactly strengthens Salesforce Customer 360 by unifying engagement and creating alignment from pipeline to paycheck. It enriches pipeline data and reveals insights that help every quota carrier focus on the right indicators, and take the right actions to consistently hit their numbers.

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Tight Integration

Xactly's Intelligent Revenue Platform simplifies integration between Salesforce and Xactly. Taking a standards-based approach to the connection between the solutions across both offerings, the Xactly Platform provides bi-directional data object integration, a unified business process management experience and tools to build workflow-specific walkthroughs to drive adoption.

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Salesforce motivates their global sales team of over 10,000 on Xactly

Fireside Chat: Creating Predictability in Sales Performance

Xactly CEO Chris Cabrera with Nandini Ramaswamy, SVP, Global Incentive Compensation, Salesforce and Brad Gifford, VP, Revenue and Sales Operations, DXC Technology

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Xactly and Salesforce Einstein Work Better Together

Embed Xactly’s Sales Performance AI data right in the CRM user workflow with Einstein Analytics and also into Tableau to gain a 360-degree view of the business and answer strategic questions with the help of Einstein AI and Xactly’s SPM AI platform.

Xactly and Salesforce CPQ Work Better Together

Xactly and Salesforce CPQ go together like glue. Together, you're able to maximize the revenue and profit potential of every deal. By using incentives, you can motivate your sales reps to sell the right products at the right price.  Benefits include:  

  • Maximize ROI of SF CPQ adding pay/performance metrics = improved revenue via price optimization (on average 15% revenue growth). 
  • Increase sales performance and motivation (increase average of 20% seller productivity)
  • Testimonial = “Salesforce CPQ and Xactly integrate seamlessly together, giving us the best of breed to manage our lead-to-cash process.” Santiago Suinaga Sainz Managing Director, KIO Data Centers
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