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Who We Are

Since our inception, Xactly has led the market by being bold and having the courage to transform. It’s in our DNA to question status-quo thinking and we have built a business that is based on collaborative relationships that produce mutual wins. We have built a premier workplace culture that is maniacally focused on customer value. We want our customers to be successful and stay with us forever. Our culture is one of teamwork to give our best to our clients and partners, rather than a ruthless focus on the sales target.

Culture and Community

Xactly prides itself on our core values of customer focus, accountability, respect, and excellence. These principles guide us in all that we do.

Culture, Belonging, Inclusion & Diversity

We’re passionate about cultivating a workplace environment that celebrates the uniqueness of each Xactlian. Diversity fuels our success and by embracing it, we empower our employees around the world to inspire change in the office and in the community.

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XactlyOne Foundation

The XactlyOne Foundation, a 501(c)(3) certified organization, was created early in the company’s history and is at the heart of Xactly’s thriving culture. To date, 2,400 volunteers have raised over $500,000 and donated over 15,000 hours of volunteer service. Learn more:


The Xactly spirit of giving and engagement acts as a multiplier of our C.A.R.E. values in the communities where our employees live and work. XactlyOne organizes volunteer opportunities so Xactlians can use their talents together to make a meaningful impact and create positive change in the world.

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Best-in-Class Enterprises Choose Xactly SPM for Three Reasons:

Striving to meet customer expectations - every day

Using Xactly Trust, you can find real-time updates on system performance, including privacy and security information.

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Executive Leadership

Our vision is unleashing human potential to maximize company performance.

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Xactly Partnerships

Joining forces to unleash the power of human potential.

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Our Awards

We are proud of the work we have accomplished as a company for both our customers as well as our employees.

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