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Dynamic True-Ups

Automate true-up changes due to any contract event, whether a contract adjustment, shift in employee status, or customer churn. Impairments are triggered automatically for any changes, including start dates or changes in the benefit period.

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Reporting Library

Gain a holistic view of the complete lifecycle of your commission expenses with a library of pre-built and automated reports and dashboards, including amortization schedules, profitability statements, accounting model comparisons, and summary roll forward by group.

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Integrated Workflow and Process Management

Integrate with existing infrastructure, including CRM, HRIS, CLM and CPQ systems. Xactly CEA manages any number of accounting books and interoperates with all downstream accounting ledgers.

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Full and Modified Retrospective Approaches

Access a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for compliance automation with ASC 606, including both full and modified retrospective approaches.

Full capitalization and amortization support.

Create detailed, accurate commission amortization schedules and monitor roll-forward summaries.

Xactly Commission Expense Accounting dashboard
Xactly Commission Expense Accounting amortization schedule and drilldown

A secure, accurate record system.

Prepare for auditors with supporting schedules and collect sales commission data with the right level of detail.

As the rules started coming out about commissions, we immediately knew that our compensation tool wouldn't give us the data at the order level. We had no way to attribute direct contract costs against the contract in our homegrown system.

Financial Director
Xactly Commission Expense Accounting portfolio summary dashboard