Everything you need to unlock your revenue potential.

Intelligent and extensible solutions that plan, design, manage, incent, and forecast your businesses for sustainable growth.

Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform

We equip organizations with the tools they need to create consistent revenue growth through optimally staffed sales organizations, equally distributed capacity and quotas, and balanced territories.

Xactly’s Intelligent Revenue Platform delivers predictable, profitable and resilient revenue by breaking down the silos across your go-to-market teams to support planning, performance and prediction.

Revenue Lifecycle
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Yes. We can integrate with that.

Salesforce, Microsoft, Workday, Hubspot—you name it. Whatever your CRM, ERP, or HRIS, we’re constantly updating our compatibility and connectors so you can maintain seamless operations in the cloud.

One platform. Endless solutions.


Everything you need to master GTM operations and optimize your modeling, segmentation, coverage, capacity, territory, quota and incentive strategies —plus powerful automation tools that let your team focus on activities that accelerate performance.


Design comp plans to motivate reps to be their best, to attract, motivate, and retain top talent aligned with organizational goals.


Streamline and operationalize sales plans by creating a single source of truth at the intersection of territories, people, opportunities, credits, and quotas.


Streamline the administration of your compensation plans, increase visibility to motivate GTM Teams, and de-risk your processes through automation and continuous audibility—all without spreadsheets.


Spot how your pipeline changes instantly. Use AI to remove bias in calling your forecast, identify attrition risks via pipeline trends, and surface dynamic performance indicators. Arm your sales team with intelligent prompts, integrated coaching tips, and opportunity milestones. And so much more.

The Xactly Advantage

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Leading prebuilt functionality to deliver best practices throughout your revenue ecosystem.

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The flexibility to meet any business's unique needs and processes.

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Data & AI

18+ years worth of pay and performance data to feed algorithmic and generative AI for maximum intelligence.

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Xactly enables you to compose efficient solutions to manage your end-to-end revenue lifecycle—no matter how big your goals are.

Xactly allows us to scale and motivate our reps properly no matter how much or fast we grow.

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Nick Mehta

Our revenue predictability and forecasting accuracy has increased tremendously since using Xactly.

Xactly is a true driver for our global sales performance.

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Katie Guest
Worldwide Sales Compensation Manager

By limiting the time people spend juggling information, we can provide the centralized data our C-suite needs in real-time.

We can deliver the analytics that our executive team needs to make the right decisions about sales and resource planning.

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Lindsay Cressman
Global Sales Compensation Manager

With Xactly, we drive behavioral change.

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Ben Sanders
Head of Sales Planning and Compensation
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