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Love Your Sellers—From Pipeline to Paycheck

It is time to bring Revenue Operation teams together to support salespeople with precise plans, better incentives, and data-informed insights to give them more confidence in their pipeline. That’s why we built the Xactly Intelligent Revenue Platform. Watch now to get started.


The Insights-Driven Revenue Leader

When markets change, good revenue leaders use insights to transform their organizations. Great revenue leaders transform their organization to become insights-driven to stay ahead of the change.

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Putting Intelligent Revenue Into Practice

It’s all about breaking down the silos across your GTM teams (think finance, sales, marketing, customer success) to create an agile org that unifies planning, processes, systems, and data.

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Orchestrate GTM planning to drive alignment from demand creation all the way to revenue recognition.

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Prioritize the right business and incentivize the right behavior across every GTM team to make sure performance matches corporate objectives.

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Predict business outcomes accurately to continuously inform planning and adjust execution to meet market conditions.

What the Market Says at Xactly


Analysts and Customers Agree, Xactly Is a Leader in Sales Performance Management

Don't just take it from us. According to the industry, our cloud-based platform is taking the market by storm and giving sales organizations the agility and accuracy they need to improve sales performance in real-time to grow revenue, reduce risk, and contain costs.


Forecasting Accuracy Tool Kit

Xactly has created a Forecasting Accuracy Tool Kit with resources that show you how to improve your forecast, maximize the effectiveness of every seller and optimize your resources to grow your revenue.

Forecasting Accuracy Kit from Xactly

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LogicMonitor Trades Spreadsheets For Automation and Scalability with Xactly

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