Intelligent Territory Planning To Uncover Opportunities & Increase Productivity

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Interactive, Map-Based Interface

Visualize customer and prospect potential in order to place sales reps in the locations with the highest concentration of potential.

Thematic map
Thematic Maps

Spatial analysis capability assists companies in identifying new sales opportunities.

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Easily upload and combine third party data to uncover “whitespace opportunities”.

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Optimizer and “What If” Scenario Analysis

The built-in analytics engine automatically creates balanced and fair territories based on your parameters.


Xactly AlignStar - Enhance Data Analytics

Automate territory alignment and apply advanced market analytics with the Optimizer feature. Use streamlined sales territory management to process data from up to 10 different data sources at once, including spreadsheets and ODBC databases.

Xactly Territories - Quickly Visualize Sales Opportunities

Xactly Territories makes it easy to quickly create and adjust territories.  With zero implementation time and built-in prompts, teams can embrace the benefits of automated territory planning within hours of purchase. A cloud-based solution, Xactly Territories also makes it possible to include local sales managers input into the reallocation or redesign of territories.

When it comes to territory planning, Xactly AlignStar and Xactly Territories is an integrated solution that brings sales ops and sales leadership together. Download the Xactly Transform + Xactly AlignStar Datasheet to read how these two powerful tools efficiently work together to transform your sales team into an intelligent revenue machine.