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Interactive Map-Based Interface

Visualize customer and prospect potential in order to place sales reps in the highest concentration locations.

Predictive Analytics

Alignment Report Card

View a grade of current sales territory alignment based on set metrics to see if current alignment is optimized for company goals.

what if icon

Optimizer and "What If" Analysis

Visualize optimal sales territory alignment, leveraging securely uploaded data and "what if" scenarios.

Equitable territories with limitless potential.

Xactly Alignstar empowers organizations with an intuitive, map-based interface to build and optimize balanced territories.

A woman takes notes at a conference table with coworkers while using a tablet.
AlignStar's product feature: the lasso tool, from Xactly

Optimize key metrics for opportune territories.

With our sales territory mapping software, customers can be up and running within a matter of hours with an intuitive interface for all stakeholders.

The end of spreadsheets. The acceleration of Alignstar.

Setting up Sales teams for success is key to achieving quota in challenging times,” observes Stephen Hurrell, VP & Research Director in the Office at Revenue at Ventana Research. Enabling sellers with balanced and optimized territories and accounts provides them with the best opportunities for success, as well as enhances their ability to hit organizational goals.

Quote from Stephen Hurrell, VP & Research Director, Office of Revenue, Ventana, stating that by 2024, one in four organizations will recognize that using spreadsheets is ineffective in creating balanced, virtual territories to motivate sellers and optimize resources that empower teams to hit individual and company targets.