Tesla Raises the Bar on Customer Service

Tesla is known for their forward thinking, sleek designs, and energy efficiency. As one of the hottest companies right now, Tesla is also making it's name for being a leader in Customer Service.

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It's easy to become enchanted with Tesla -- it's a remarkable company; there’s Elon Musk in the driver’s seat continually looking forward to solve today’s problems, there’s the sleek, stylish design of the Model S, and there’s the advanced technology establishing the brand as the leader in its space. Being a Tesla owner, I’m not only an advocate for the company but I can vouch for the accolades and awards we’ve all seen praising the company for their game changing technology. Having said all that, I was still dubious that a company so technology focused and growing so fast could also be best in class with customer service. That was, until recently.

Tesla Raises the Bar on Customer Service

After one year of service free and gas free enjoyment, I recently encountered a small issue with my Tesla. I sent an email to my service representative, and in less than an hour a Tesla person was standing on my front porch with the keys to a brand new loaner car (which had 105 miles and was fully charged!). I was blown away by the convenience and speed of the service Tesla offered, two descriptors not usually related to getting your car serviced. In addition, it was pretty cool to "watch" him drive my car on my iPhone, and watch in real-time how fast he was driving and what route he took. Flash-forward 24 hours and they were back at my door (office door this time) returning my completely fixed, fully charged car. Not only was it an impressive turnaround, but also the service was incredible. Throughout the entire process they maintained communication with me, apprising me of what was happening and keeping me up to date on the time of return. Their focus on communication and the customer provided me peace of mind and set appropriate expectations. Of course Tesla is not the first company to provide door-to-door service, but it is just another example of a young company that understands the value of the customer. It's admirable for a company to endeavor to achieve loyalty, it's another to earn it - Tesla is well on their way to having me as a customer for life.