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The Buyer’s Guide to Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting processes are a critical input into how businesses make future-looking decisions about operations and resource allocation.

Yet, many companies struggle with accurate sales forecasting because they’re relying on rigid solutions, spreadsheets, outdated processes, or likely a combination of the three.

On the flip side, a robust and modern forecasting process allows sales leaders to make accurate predictions about future sales performance. In turn, businesses can anticipate future demand, identify potential headwinds or new opportunities, and adjust their corporate strategies accordingly.

This guide is designed to enable go-to-market (GTM), Revenue Operations, and Finance teams with an understanding of modern, AI-driven sales forecasting software to ensure it fits their specific needs.

Specifically, this guide covers:

  • The basics of sales forecasting, and what to factor into your forecast
  • The key sales forecasting software functions to look for
  • What criteria to consider when selecting a sales forecasting tool

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