Innovation Station 2

Episode 2

Procore and Xactly Talk the Art of Strategic Incentive Plan Design and Modeling

Join industry-leading compensation experts from Procore and Xactly as they dive into the exciting world of revenue optimization. Gain valuable insights into the latest trends and innovative approaches in revenue performance management, and explore new ways of doing things that can give your business a competitive edge!

Episode 1

Like-Minded Compensation Pros Connect

In this informative session of Xactly Innovation Station, Like-Minded Compensation Pros Connect, you’ll hear from Matt Sheppard, Director of Global Sales Compensation Systems at LinkedIn. 

Sheppard’s journey through roles in Sales to managing Operations teams over the past 20+ years has given him a one-of-a-kind perspective that has propelled his team at LinkedIn to success. And guess what? He’s here to share tips with you!

Arnab Mishra, Xactly’s CEO, hosts the session and the two explore LinkedIn’s long-standing dedication to innovation in its Sales Performance Management programs.

Innovation Station Episode 1

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