Episode 8

CFO Agenda: The Power of Finance-SalesOps Alignment

Join Xactly's CFO, Jason Godley, as he shares his experience on the transformative impact Finance and Sales Operations alignment has in achieving revenue success. Jason sheds light on the pivotal role of Sales Operations in supporting the CFO and driving the GTM strategy — specifically when it comes to retaining customers, forecasting, and optimizing compensation plans and territories.

Payday PlayBook Podcast 8
Payday Playbook Episode 7

Episode 7

Territory Babysitting: Taming Chaos During Account Changes

"Territory babysitting" — is an intriguing term coined by our sales effectiveness expert, Jason Rothbaum, for when open territories lack proper account coverage. In this Xactly Payday Playbook Podcast episode, Jason explores why Sales teams require "babysitting," including M&A, product launches, gaps in coverage, and effective strategies for both long-term and short-term assignments. Gain valuable insights into successful management methods, and uncover game-changing sales territory management strategies and best practices.

Episode 6

2024 Predictions in Revenue Performance Management

Join Xactly’s Director of Product Strategy, Eric Embir, and Senior Principal Strategist, Jason Rothbaum, as they explore exciting predictions for the future of revenue performance management, including:

  • Generative AI's potential and challenges in the market
  • Strategic Plan Design and its impact on sales performance management
  • Composable applications and their benefits
  • Tech consolidation and its impact on solution providers

Don't miss out on this insightful exploration of the future of revenue performance management and learn next-gen predictions that can facilitate innovation at scale and pace that will get you ahead of the competition in 2024.

Payday Playbook Episode 6
Payday Playbook Episode 5

Episode 5

The 7 Red Flags of Bad Compensation Design

Join our resident compensation expert, Jason Rothbaum, as he explains the dangers of misaligned incentives, distorted commission structures, and other red flags that can lead to sandbagging, demotivated sales reps, and hinder your organization's growth and profitability. Hear real-life stories highlighting the consequences of ignoring these red flags. Discover how to optimize compensation design and witness the positive impact on your employees and bottom line.

Episode 4

Optimizing the Management and Structure of Sales Organizations

Join sales effectiveness experts Bill Bauer and Jason Rothbaum as they discuss the challenges and strategies for effective sales team management. Throughout the discussion, they share practical insights and best practices gathered from their 40+ years of experience in sales management, covering topics such as territory planning, quota allocation, and compensation design. Discover ways to empower your reps, align incentives, and motivate your Sales team to achieve exceptional results.

Optimizing the Management and Structure of Sales Organizations
Episode 3 Payday Playbook

Episode 3

Level Up Your Enterprise Forecasting with AI

In this engaging episode, Jason Rothbaum, a seasoned expert with over 20 years of experience in sales effectiveness, explores how AI is revolutionizing sales forecasting and sales operations. From predicting sales rep attrition forecasts to crunching historical data and leading indicators, learn how AI is transforming the sales landscape and the future of sales jobs.

Episode 2

In these uncertain times, businesses are grappling with economic hurdles and must craft compensation plans to either ride the wave—or resize. In this episode of Xactly's Payday Playbook Podcast, our incentive compensation management expert, Jason Rothbaum, provides savvy strategies and nimble adaptations that will keep your compensation game strong. Learn how economic ups and downs influence compensation decisions, and actionable ways to optimize your compensation game—even in times of flux.

Episode 2 Payday Playbook Podcast
Jason Rothbaum and Kelly Arellano, hosts of Xactly's Payday Playbook Podcast

Episode 1

Quota Woes: Tackling the challenge of constantly changing quotas

February 5, 2024

Many companies today are facing constant reassignment of accounts and quotas due to rep turnover, acquisitions, and changes to go-to-market models. In this episode of Xactly’s Payday Playbook Podcast, resident sales effectiveness expert, Jason Rothbaum, unveils the secret playbook for seamless quota adjustments, sharing best practices and insider tips that will have you put them into play with ease. You will also learn what NOT to do, and structures that can be detrimental to your organization.

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