Episode 3 Payday Playbook

Episode 3

Level Up Your Enterprise Forecasting with AI

In this engaging episode, Jason Rothbaum, a seasoned expert with over 20 years of experience in sales effectiveness, explores how AI is revolutionizing sales forecasting and sales operations. From predicting sales rep attrition forecasts to crunching historical data and leading indicators, learn how AI is transforming the sales landscape and the future of sales jobs.

Episode 2

In these uncertain times, businesses are grappling with economic hurdles and must craft compensation plans to either ride the wave—or resize. In this episode of Xactly's Payday Playbook Podcast, our incentive compensation management expert, Jason Rothbaum, provides savvy strategies and nimble adaptations that will keep your compensation game strong. Learn how economic ups and downs influence compensation decisions, and actionable ways to optimize your compensation game—even in times of flux.

Episode 2 Payday Playbook Podcast
Jason Rothbaum and Kelly Arellano, hosts of Xactly's Payday Playbook Podcast

Episode 1

Quota Woes: Tackling the challenge of constantly changing quotas

February 5, 2024

Many companies today are facing constant reassignment of accounts and quotas due to rep turnover, acquisitions, and changes to go-to-market models. In this episode of Xactly’s Payday Playbook Podcast, resident sales effectiveness expert, Jason Rothbaum, unveils the secret playbook for seamless quota adjustments, sharing best practices and insider tips that will have you put them into play with ease. You will also learn what NOT to do, and structures that can be detrimental to your organization.

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