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Support your teams and drive profitability by getting the right insights into the right hands.

How a revenue organization leads and supports its team greatly influences its ability to hit and exceed revenue goals for the year. As a revenue leader, it’s critical to continuously share relevant data and insights that empower team members to do their jobs better. The right insights can align team behaviors to corporate goals, which ultimately drives company profitability. Getting the right insights into the right hands is all about identifying the key roles on the team that contribute to a company’s profitability, understand their unique pain points, and implement solutions that create an environment conducive to revenue and profitability growth.

Xactly, a leader in intelligent revenue solutions, put together this handy guide to showcase six key roles that drive profits, and how to equip them with the right kind of support through data and insights. Read on to learn how Xactly Incent®, a compensation and commission management solution, can be the catalyst your teams need to personally succeed and, ultimately exceed company revenue targets.

Deliver data that matters to six key roles across your revenue team.

1. Sales Representative

Pain point: Sales commissions are an incentive to reach quarterly targets. If sales reps are unable to understand their compensation plans or forecast their projected earnings, performance may be affected long term.

Solution: A tool that integrates seamlessly into their Salesforce CRM to transparently tracks and forecasts their sales performance with a live dashboard of quotas, payments, and incentives.

2. Sales Manager

Pain point: Coaching sales reps to hit their targets can be a challenge when overseeing a large team with different portfolios. Managers need help keeping track of the opportunities and performance of their direct reps.

Solution: A tool that provides visibility into rep performance, identifies areas for improvement, and enables managers to tailor their coaching strategies to fit their team’s needs.

3. GTM Business Leader

Pain Point: GTM business leaders need to understand business performance for the immediate quarter and the future to proactively strategize and hire effectively to meet their goals.

Solution: An accurate, data-driven forecasting tool that provides a single shared view of revenue across the organization and enables leaders to uncover pipeline insights. Visibility into the health score of every deal helps GTM leaders plan for the future better.

4. Sales Operation Specialist

Pain point: Managing a compensation framework can be complex and becomes difficult if decisions are not based on real data. Attrition rates rise if reps are unsure how compensation is structured or when comp plans are not competitive.

Solution: A pay and performance benchmarking solution that allows sales ops teams to compare their comp plans against similar companies, industries, and trends. The insights from this type of solution can influence sales performance and ensure that comp plans are always competitive.

5. Financial Planning and Analyst (FP&A) Specialist

Pain point: Identifying business opportunities and risks accurately and quickly can be difficult using only spreadsheets or other homegrown tools.

Solution: A scenario planning solution that allows FP&A specialists to visualize, compare, and continuously update sales plans instantaneously based on up-to-date and accurate data. FP&A specialists save time knowing they can focus on data analysis versus manual updates every time there  
is a change.

6. Compensation Administrator

Pain point: Forecasting commissions for financial planning is a major challenge. Without a dedicated solution, compensation analysts risk providing inaccurate information based on general averages, or delaying results based on  the time it takes to manually calculate.

Solution: An automated compensation earnings forecasting solution can reduce human error by removing manual calculations, and can save time by producing accurate forecasts in seconds.

Investing in your employees and their workflows supports revenue and profitability growth. Learn more about Xactly Incent.

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