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Unleash Your Sales Team’s Full Potential with Data

Predicting and forecasting revenue accurately is essential for today’s businesses. Organizations need timely, accurate and actionable data to protect and grow their profitability. And a platform that moves way beyond simple data aggregation. With full control and flexibility of your data within Xactly Forecasting’s Data Studio, you’re able to analyze and distribute metrics amongst key stakeholders. In this guide, you’ll discover 10 vital data sources you need to increase your sales forecasting accuracy, including:

  1. How changes in your organization can be factored into your forecast.
  2. Why historical data isn’t enough in the era of AI.
  3. Ways to identify missing data points and create a more holistic forecast.
  4. The power of combining your sales intuition with data-informed forecasting.

The biggest reason why we selected Xactly Forecasting was the access to our data and the engine to help us automate that.

Director of Revenue Operations,
Financial Planning & Analysis Organization
  • Forecasting