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A Path to ASC 606: Two Corporate Controllers on Managing Commissions Accounting

Hear how two top controllers are leading their companies to transition and comply with the new revenue recognition standard, know as ASC 606 (IFRS 15).

Private and public companies have discovered that they underestimated the complexity and system requirements to manage commission expense accounting under ASC 606 (IFRS 15) with shortcomings identified in both spreadsheets and ERP software. Organizations are finding they need an automated and traceable solution that delivers visibility into commissions data down to a granular level of detail.

In this Q&A webinar, we chat with two controllers, Jackson Burritt, Vice President and Corporate Controller at ExaGrid Systems and Tom Stehno, Assistant Controller at Xactly on their approach to account for sales commissions under the new standard.

What You'll Get From Our Webinar?

  • Accessing and tracking commission costs

  • Automating commission “true-ups” based on contract or customer changes

  • Simplifying commission expense reporting processes

  • Support for multi-book accounting

  • Revenue Recognition (ASC 606)