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On-Demand: Engaging Your Greatest Asset: Your Sellers

In an ever-evolving talent marketplace, providing your top sales talent with the tools they need to operate as efficiently as possible is more important than ever. Join us for an insightful webinar where we explore how sales compensation technology and historical performance data can enhance your sales team, empowering your top sales talent to stay motivated and produce results.

Our Product eXpert, Becca Kinsey, addresses the complexities you may face without an automated system for administering and managing compensation plans, and provide you with knowledge on :

  • Empower Your Sellers with Plan Transparency: Equip your sellers with the tools they need to know where they stand and focus on the deals aligned with your top-down objectives 
  • The Importance of Sales Technology: Gain a deeper understanding of why Sales Performance Management technology is crucial for driving efficiency and productivity in your sales organization. 
  • Optimizing Incentive Compensation Management: Unlock the secrets to leverage incentive compensation management as a powerful tool to keep your reps motivated, boost team engagement, and foster long-term retention.
  • Enhance the Experience with a Digital Adoption Solution: Offer a seamless experience to improve your reps' workflows to reduce administrative tasks, eliminate shadow-accounting and boost their productivity, to hit their quota.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your seller retention strategies. Watch now!


Webinar Speakers
Becca Kinsey Headshot
Becca Kinsey
Product Marketing Manager

Becca Kinsey is a Product Marketing Manager at Xactly. She brings 6+ years of incentive compensation experience in roles spanning from customer support to professional services and has spent the last 2+ years as part of the product management organization at Xactly.