Revenue and Sales Tool Kits

We designed a set of kits with tools to help you plan, perform and predict. Taking your business to the next step of Intelligent Revenue.


Compensation Tool Kit

Compensation Tool Kit Header

The Compensation Tool Kit features:

  • How to drive consistency in pay structure
  • The different approaches to incentive plan consolidation
  • How to reduce financial risk

Finance Tool Kit

Finance Tool Kit

This kit includes our top resources to:

  • Overcome data challenges
  • Manage data more effectively
  • Convert data insights into decisions that boost the bottom line



Forecasting Accuracy Tool Kit

Forecasting Accuracy Kit from Xactly

The Forecasting Accuracy Tool Kit will demonstrate how to:

  • Solve challenges like lack of forecast and pipeline visibility
  • Identify and prioritize high potential opportunities
  • Discover gaps to see where deals are being lost

Manufacturing Tool Kit

Manufacturing Tool Kit

Our top resources will help you discover:

  • Why manufacturers are saying “bye-bye” to traditional forecasting
  • How visibility into real-time pipeline metrics is a key capability to solve forecasting challenges
  • How these insights also support rebuilding lost revenue streams in new, innovative ways

Revenue Leader Tool Kit

Revenue Tool Kit

In this tool kit, revenue leaders will discover:

  • How to use revenue intelligence (for a huge impact today and over the long term)
  • Smart pivots for the entire company
  • Strategies to build an accurate sales and revenue forecast

Sales Leader Tool Kit

Sales Tool Kit

Sales Leaders will discover:

  • Fundamentals of sales compensation management (and why technology is critical to motivate reps and drive revenue)
  • How to redefine yourself for a new revenue reality
  • How to harness data to anticipate sales attrition