All Hands Meetings: 5 Reasons to get your Whole Company in one Room

5 min read

Many companies start doing All Hands Meetings when they can count the number of employees at the company on one hand. However, as your start-up evolves, it's important to continue to get everyone at your organization in the same room, at least once a quarter. Not only do these company-wide meetings help to keep the core values of your company strong, but they help people feel more connected to the company as a whole. Here are five reasons to keep having those big meetings long after you all fit comfortably in a conference room: 1. Get insight into other departments We all tend to get so wrapped up in our day-to-day job responsibilities and projects that it's easy to forget there's a whole company outside of our own department that's doing tons of exciting stuff that we might not be privy to. An All Hands Meeting is the perfect time to give the mic to various department heads and let them fill everyone in on progress, achievements, and even roadblocks that other team members might be able to assist with. It's inspiring to see what colleagues are working on, and it becomes more clear that everyone is working towards common goals for the company.  2. Announce exciting company news It's rare to have everyone that works at your company in one room at the same time. Use this special opportunity to share any up-and-coming events or news that your employees haven't heard about yet. For example, great press coverage, new perks and benefits, a location move, or the previous quarter's numbers are all things to share with the whole company. 3. Give recognition There's no better time than with everyone present to recognize outstanding employee performance. According to Aberdeen's 2013 employee engagement survey report, 67% of best-in-class organizations have a formal recognition program in place, compared to 58% of in 2012. This is likely because leaders realize that recognition, both monetary and otherwise have a significant affect on engagement. At Xactly, we use quarterly All Hands Meetings as a time to recognize employees who have shown outstanding contribution to the organization. While recipients enjoy the gift certificate, most people are much more motivated by the recognition in front of peers and executives.  4. Share company goals and vision An All Hands Meeting is an ideal time for the CEO or another C-level executive at your organization to share the substantial goals that your company is working towards for the quarter or for the year. Hearing about the overarching aims helps employees see how their individual roles contribute to and assist the company in reaching these larger goals. It's also motivating to hear company leaders share hopes, stretch goals, and road-maps for the future.   5. Facilitate bonding Great things happen when you get everyone in your company in the same room; the energy is palpable and it reminds people just how many individuals contribute to running a successful company. Use this time to introduce new employees, share company values, and hopefully bring a little humor to the table. Does your company have All Hands Meetings? Why do you think they are meaningful? Tweet @xactly and let us know!