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Xactly Incent allows you to design, automate, and manage incentive compensation to align seller behavior with revenue goals.

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Why Xactly Incent?

Strategic Compensation

Motivate reps to finalize optimal deals promptly, ensuring top-notch revenue quality

Real-Time Insight

Provide your Sales team with instant access to their earnings and real-time bonus tracking

Streamlined Automation

Eliminate manual tasks such as compliance and adjustments, allowing focus on higher-level strategic activities

Great user interface, easy people set-up, options for direct credit, territory assignment, named relationships, etc. Analytics is easy to build and a great tool for streamlining processes.

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Amir Ganic
Sales Compensation Manager

"The best commission software!"
Easy to work with, very dependable and very accurate. We have changed plans every years and I have gone through 5 different plan years each different from the last. I have never run into any road blocks with Xactly. If you can do the math and get the data Xactly can handle it.

We currently feed data into Xactly for two different sources and have about 10 different plans in a given year. Xactly has handled this with ease.

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Renae C.

“Wish we had adopted sooner”
Previously we were doing everything manually and we did not have a great tracking system. This eliminates a lot of the guess work and allows for a high overview along with details. I like the ease of delivering yearly plans to employees, and being able to fix commission and sales credit easily. Love the ability to see % to monthly, quarterly, and yearly progress.

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Shannon Rankin
Sales Manager
Rosetta Stone

"Makes life in Sales Compensation 10x efficient!!"
The ability to not have to calculate commissions for 400 sales persons commissions manually on Excel Spreadsheets. Upload their bookings/goals and the calculation is done for you and the Sales reps can view in their own Incent. Reporting can be done within minutes instead of days.

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Rimsha Hassan
Senior Sales Compensation Analyst

Don’t just take our word for it.

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