The Benefits of Data-driven Leadership

Sep 18, 2019
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Today's organizations are facing an unprecedented competitive landscape. Discover how a data-driven leadership and planning strategy gives you an advantage.

In today’s technological landscape, companies are looking for strategies that will help them keep up with the increasingly competitive markets and goals. For many companies, turning to data-driven insights to help catapult their businesses into the 21st century helps, but how exactly does data translate to sales, and better yet, how did we get here?

In a recent webinar, Xactly VP Marketing, Erik W. Charles, and VP Enterprise Sales, Lisa Welch, explore how data has evolved and how it plays into the current field of sales planning, territory and incentive design, and forecasting as a part of sales performance management (SPM)

In just a short period of time, business representatives have advanced from flipping through the pages of their Rolodex to having artificial intelligence help take their current business models to the next level. With the advent of smarter technology and software—thanks to the early 2000’s tech boom—we can now see how the current workplace has shifted enormously in terms of interdepartmental communication and collaborative tools that are now offered to employees.

In a data-driven field, it is hard to deny how this access to real-time information has completely changed the way sales departments operate and the heightened benchmarks employees now have in place. With smarter data comes smarter decisions, and this can overflow into many aspects of your business, including hiring and employee retention. When managing the interpersonal aspect of your current business model, being able to see your employee’s data in real-time can help you identify who is or isn’t hitting the mark and how to handle moving forward.

Data-driven leaders drive better results! When you utilize multifaceted software that allows you to decide between what’s important and what’s not, you’re essentially helping to fill in your own blind spots with new data systems. With those ideologies in place, our company was founded on the premise of taking vast amounts of data and funneling it down one, simple-to-use pipeline in order to give our B2B customers a single source of data at their fingertips.

This allows you to do THREE quintessential things:

  1. Offer real-time visibility to everyone in your company, whether that be c-suite, sale reps or managers
  2. Measure plans and benchmark team performance by always being one step ahead
  3. Make course corrections in real-time to ensure you’re constantly hitting targets

When you address these concerns around data, you not only open yourself, but also your business, to new opportunities for success! By simply looking at the numbers, you can not only spot insights that can help evolve your sales strategy, but also forecast new AI sales trends that can help push the limits on what can be achieved or delivered.

As a sales leader, data that gives you a deeper look into your company ultimately gives you a significant competitive edge, so why not take full advantage of that if you can?

Want to learn more about the impact of data-driven sales planning? Download our "Complete Sales Planning Handbook."

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Emily Jahn
Content Marketing Manager

Emily Jahn is a Content Marketing Manager at Xactly. She earned a degree in advertising from The University of Colorado - Boulder and has experience in copywriting, social media, and digital marketing.