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Xactly’s New Partner Portal: Maximizing Customer Value with Xactly Extend

Apr 08, 2024
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At Xactly, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional outcomes for our customers through innovative, value-driven solutions. An integral part of ensuring we effectively support our customers in their revenue transformation journey is through strong, strategic partnerships. That's why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Partner Portal, a powerful pathway that will help our partners maximize customer value, enhance collaboration, and drive mutual success.

What separates this new portal is the cutting-edge technology it’s built on, Xactly Extend. This flexible solution provides partners with a streamlined approach to delivering exceptional outcomes for customers. Read on to learn more. 

Unlocking the Power of Xactly Extend: Supercharge Your Sales Performance

Xactly Extend is a powerful solution that extends the prepackaged capabilities of the Intelligent Revenue Platform, and when paired with Xactly’s 18+ years of pay and performance data and leading AI solutions, enables unmatched composability. Extend enables the delivery of extensions adjacent to foundational Incentive Compensation Management (ICM) and Sales Performance Management (SPM) processes and bespoke applications for specific customer needs. The result is organizations with access to increased functionality that meet their unique requirements.

Tailored Solutions

One of the key benefits of Extend is its ability to tailor solutions to unique needs. Every sales organization has its nuanced challenges and requirements, and by leveraging the robust functionality Extend provides, organizations can create applications that seamlessly integrate with their Xactly instance and fit their specific needs. This allows them to streamline complex workflows, enhance reporting,  automate offline manual processes, and more.

Xactly’s Partner Program is designed to revolutionize how partners engage and excel in driving business growth. Through Extend, partners have full access to metrics empowering them to assess their progress and strategize effectively to maximize rewards.

Rich Insights

In today’s digital age, data is king. Access to accurate and timely data insights is critical to making informed business decisions. Extend enables organizations to gain deeper visibility into their sales performance by integrating with external data sources and unlocking valuable data insights. With the ability to connect and consolidate data from various systems (such as CRM, ERP, and HRIS) Extend provides a comprehensive view of sales performance metrics. By leveraging these integration capabilities, partners can track key metrics, spot trends and opportunities, measure effectiveness, and identify areas for improvement — resulting in more effective customer value strategies.

Collaboration and Efficiency

In today's fast-paced business environment, collaboration and efficiency are key drivers of success. Through this portal, partners can access critical sales and product information, streamline deal management, and collaborate across teams to ensure they’re delivering on what matters most for customers, a consistent and seamless customer experience throughout their entire sales cycle.

Customer Success

While the Partner Portal focuses on strengthening partner relationships, it's rooted in fostering positive impacts to maximize customer success. By providing partners with the tools and resources they need, as well as insights into partner performance and customer interactions, the portal enables effective customer engagement.

The launch of Xactly’s Partner Portal represents another milestone in Xactly’s mission to deliver exceptional customer value and innovative solutions. We’re excited about the portal's endless possibilities and the strengthened partnerships it will foster. Together, we can drive mutual success and deliver exceptional customer outcomes.

About Xactly Extend: Xactly Extend provides a path for Xactly to deliver more nuanced solutions for customers, through centralizing, automating, and optimizing their SPM business process. Early examples include payroll approvals, credit assignments, and dispute management, each spanning Xactly’s pre-built solutions and other business systems to improve efficiency, data accuracy, and insights that drive decision-making.

About the Xactly Partner Program: Xactly is proud to partner with revenue intelligence experts who support our customers in all corners of the globe. No matter your business requirements, we have best-in-class enterprise software partners and systems integrators to support revenue growth.

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Will Watters, Head of Product Marketing at Xactly
Will Watters
Head of Product Marketing

Will currently leads Product Marketing at Xactly where he is responsible for pricing and packaging, GTM strategy, positioning and messaging, personas and buyer insights, and content marketing. He holds an MBA from The George Washington University School of Business.