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Sales Compensation Management

Centralize Incentive Compensation Management into a single platform, with tight integration to your transaction system of record to ensure that crediting, quota attainment, earnings, and payroll are calculated off your single system of record.

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Optimize Sales Performance

Ensure that the skills of your workforce are aligned with their daily job functions, optimize sales rep behavior with target transparency and territory alignment, and measure career progression with real-time quota metrics and attrition predictions.

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Enterprise Scalability

Streamlining the time-consuming and error-prone processes that manage large sales teams allows organizations to operate in a more agile manner. Connecting these processes ensures that sales, sales ops, compensation, and finance leadership can effectively respond to the normalcy of change and hit their revenue targets.

Xactly + Workday

Key Benefits for Sales, Finance, + Human Resources

Get a Single View of Sales Employee Compensation

The strategic partnership between Xactly, the leader in SPM, and Workday, the leader in HCM, allows mutual customers to enhance their existing Workday investment by providing a single view into total employee compensation.

Streamline Your Financial Process and Inspire Rep Performance

By aligning Workday's "people data" with Xactly's sales compensation data, companies can guarantee competitive pay practices, automate plan eligibility, improve regulatory compliance, and perform fair pay analysis.

Valueable, Seamless HR & Operations Integration

Easily capture changes to your company's workforce—including updating employee names, positions, and hierarchy. Save more time and money by preventing the duplication of data and errors caused by manual input.

Compensation is a critical lever in driving sales success, but if it's not approached correctly, it can lead to global compliance and forecasting headaches.

Doug David
Director of Sales Compensation & Operations
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Rosetta Stone
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