Bazaarvoice Trusts Xactly to Extend the Power of Incentives Across its Global Workforce

Motivation and Performance Skyrocket at World’s Largest Shopper Network After Automating Incentive Compensation in the Cloud with Xactly
Sep 30, 2014
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SAN JOSE, Calif.  September 30, 2014 - Bazaarvoice is extending the power of incentive compensation across its global workforce with Xactly Incent. Bazaarvoice connects Fortune 500 brands, retailers and consumers in the world's largest, networked platform for consumer ratings and reviews. After its public offering in 2012, the company quickly realized that its own manual compensation practices were not five-star in terms of auditability, accuracy and instilling confidence in the numbers. By automating its compensation initiatives in the cloud with Xactly, Bazaarvoice is able to meet these requirements, while also scaling its compensation processes to maximize employee motivation and performance.

Using Xactly Incent, Bazaarvoice has exceeded each of its objectives, replacing the stress formerly associated with compensation management, dramatically decreasing disputes and increasing accuracy of commission payments. After the first year of using Xactly, a company-wide survey revealed a 95 percent satisfaction rating for the sales compensation team, a formerly unprecedented feat. Further, with the addition of the Xactly Analytics and Sandbox modules, Bazaarvoice’s sales and finance leadership are able to better collaborate and ensure forecast accuracy.

“It's very exciting to completely let go of that finance versus sales tension,” said Marisa Massie, Controller, Bazaarvoice. “With Xactly, the numbers are correct, so there’s no more second guessing. Sales and finance leadership have the intelligence they need to make better, faster decisions, and sales reps have the visibility they need to sell more effectively, regardless of their location. Xactly has enabled us to completely re-imagine how we use compensation to drive performance and results.”

This new approach to managing sales compensation was so successful that Bazaarvoice extended its use of Xactly to pay its entire workforce via incentive compensation plans, in multiple currencies across nearly 10 countries. In addition to helping its distributed teams feel more connected, this innovation in compensation has skyrocketed motivation and performance across the Bazaarvoice team.

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