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Apr 03, 2012
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SAN JOSE, Calif. – April 3, 2012 – Xactly Corporation, the leading provider of incentive compensation and sales performance management solutions, today announced that GlobalEnglish is leveraging Xactly Incent to drive better performance and visibility across its global, team-based sales organization.

Used by more than 500 of the world’s top enterprises, GlobalEnglish offers a comprehensive SaaS-based suite of solutions for Enterprise Fluency™, the communication, collaboration and operational proficiency companies must have to compete in today's global economy. As GlobalEnglish continued to expand, it was quickly outgrowing its spreadsheet-based incentive compensation processes. At the same time, GlobalEnglish saw the opportunity to leverage incentive compensation more strategically to motivate performance and team collaboration across its worldwide operations. Following a competitive evaluation, GlobalEnglish selected Xactly Incent, along with the Xactly Modeling module, to automate its compensation management processes.

“We quickly saw that Xactly Incent would enable the scalable, automated processes we required to compensate our sales team both strategically and systematically,” said Tom Kahl, President of GlobalEnglish. “Right off the bat, we experienced not only terrific user acceptance, but also stickiness. Logging in through, reps quickly made Xactly one of their indispensable core apps. And that was with virtually no training – the solution is that easy to use.”

Today, Xactly Incent is playing a key role in helping GlobalEnglish’s growing sales team perform to the best of their abilities. Sales reps can log directly into Xactly Incent via and see precisely where they stand in terms of commissions and bonuses. They can also use the Incentive Estimator functionality within the application to quickly see how closing a particular deal will impact their commission situation, thus helping them be more strategic about where they put their efforts.

With Xactly, GlobalEnglish has been able to get more performance per sales rep, while spending less money, as well as increasing the average sales per rep while lowering its annual compensation spend by 4 percentage points. They have also been able to essentially eliminate errors in incentive compensation, time-consuming complaints and the need for sales reps to conduct “shadow-accounting” to keep track of their commissions.

Incent has also enabled GlobalEnglish to simplify its compensation plans and introduce elements mid-plan that foster engagement and drive further performance. Using the Xactly Modeling module, GlobalEnglish sales management can determine the impact of plan changes and SPIFFs prior to rolling them out to the global sales team.

“With Xactly, we can do more intelligent things with compensation than we ever thought possible and have even proven that money is not always the primary motivator. Consequently, we’ve gotten a lot more efficient on how we enhance the performance of our people,” added Kahl. “Xactly Incent helps you think more strategically and be more efficient when you act tactically. The implementation at GlobalEnglish has been a major win for sales, finance and IT alike.”


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