Xactly Unveils Four New Innovations to Supercharge Sales Performance and Revenue Intelligence

New capabilities in CRM Assignments, Future Period Forecasting, Operational Reporting and Workspaces empower businesses with agility and efficiency in dynamic markets as part of Fall ‘23 Release
Nov 28, 2023
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SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 28, 2023 – Xactly, a provider of intelligent revenue solutions, today announced four new innovations as part of the Fall ‘23 release, aimed at enhancing agility in Sales Performance Management (SPM) and Revenue Intelligence. Expanding on the recently announced Xactly Extend, Next-Gen Calculation Engine, and Advanced Pipeline Analytics, these additions underscore Xactly’s ongoing dedication to delivering innovative solutions for its customers.

“In today's fast-paced business environment where agility is imperative, our latest advancements will empower leaders and practitioners to stay ahead of the competition,” said Arnab Mishra, Xactly’s Chief Operating Officer. “Optimizing experiences for our customers and enabling them to make critical, data-informed decisions with unprecedented speed and precision will drive greater revenue intelligence as they prepare for 2024.”

CRM Assignments: A complementary module to the industry's first and only incentive compensation management tool within Salesforce, CRM Accelerator, this solution is centered on optimizing operational efficiency and maximizing CRM investments for organizations utilizing the Salesforce platform. With CRM Assignments:

  • Users experience seamless and 100% native Salesforce integration, ensuring familiarity and serving as a natural extension of existing workflows
  • Adapt to diverse workflows and efficiently assign credit in Salesforce, whether real-time or batch-based, utilizing a robust rules engine for various objects like opportunities, accounts, or custom objects

“Xactly's robust platform consistently empowers our innovations, showcasing its effectiveness and opportunity for growth,” said Tom Swinbourne, CEO at ZINKT. “CRM Assignments streamlines credit assignment across the platform, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing CRM investments—something we believe is a transformative solution for businesses looking to extract the full value from their Salesforce experience and investment."

AI-Assisted Future Period Forecasting: Recognizing the vital need for finance leaders to address both short-term challenges and long-term strategic planning, Future Period Forecasting enables organizations to project sales and commission forecasts up to a year into the future, granting them the ability to proactively shape their financial outlook with confidence. With Future Period Forecasting, finance leaders can:

  • Gain crucial insights into their business's financial health up to a year in advance, facilitating strategic planning for upcoming challenges and opportunities
  • Predict future outcomes by leveraging advanced pipeline analytics and predictive capabilities, with a forward-looking ability that empowers businesses to de-risk strategies and pivot when needed

Operational Reporting: Data-informed decisions are paramount to business success, and leaders and practitioners need a refreshed reporting experience. Operational Reporting enables users to seamlessly integrate extensive data into reports and dashboards, whether sourced from Xactly or external platforms, to improve reporting flexibility. With Operational Reporting:

  • Leaders and practitioners can quickly and easily engage with valuable data, enhancing real-time decision-making, facilitated by a new reporting experience fully optimized for mobile use
  • The new reporting flexibility enhances analytics, empowering businesses to adapt with a comprehensive performance view in dynamic circumstances

Workspaces: Workspaces represents a first-of-its-kind solution tailored to meet the diverse requirements of users in Sales Performance Management. Customers now have the ability to customize workspaces and navigation structures uniquely designed to align with the distinctive workflows and tasks of leaders and practitioners steering business operations. Recognizing the diversity of user requirements, persona-based Workspaces delivers the necessary flexibility for businesses to optimize and streamline their most intricate processes. Additional Workspaces highlights:

  • Create any number of bespoke, user-centric interfaces tailored to a diverse range of workflows, motivations and desired outcomes
  • Optimize efficiency and expedite business operations by eliminating process clutter and fostering a focused environment for tasks at hand

The new Operational Reporting experience and Workspaces is now in pilot phase. Future Period Forecasting and CRM Assignments are now generally available. For more information, visit the Xactly Blog.

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