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Analysts and Customers Agree, Xactly Is a Leader in Sales Performance Management

Don't just take it from us. According to the industry, our cloud-based platform is taking the market by storm and giving sales organizations the agility and accuracy they need to improve sales performance in real-time to grow revenue, reduce risk, and contain costs.

What the Market Says at Xactly
Charting your path to predictable, profitable and resilient revenue

The Road to RevOps Guide

In this economy, it’s critical for organizations that organizations are enabled to maximize their return on go-to-market (GTM) investments. How does RevOps adoption enable sales leaders to maximize the effectiveness of every seller and access to insights that make the hard decisions easier? Grab a free copy of our guide today to find out.


Accelerate Revenue, Intelligently


Go-to-Market Planning 

Drive alignment from across the revenue engine through well-orchestrated, continuous planning.


Revenue Team Performance

Incentivize the right behaviors to drive performance that achieve corporate goals.


Pipeline Management & Prediction

Utilize accurate predictions to inform ongoing planning and modify execution. 


Process Extension & Automation

Simplify revenue operations by pairing integrated data with purpose-built automation and extensibility.


Intelligent Revenue: Everything You Need to Know

Level up your organization with revenue that’s predictable, profitable, and resilient. We’ve broken down the meaning and characteristics of Intelligent Revenue to help you unleash your full potential.

Effective Sales Team Structure Model Using Data Science
Revenue Hub at Xactly

Get Clarity and Control Over RevOps

Connecting vital sales information to create behavioral-data driven forecasting and pipeline management requires the right tools and tactics. We’ve gathered all you need to know. 

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