Combine the Power of Incent with the Familiarity of Salesforce

When roughly 10% of an organization’s revenue is spent on incentive compensation, maximizing that ROI is critical. Being able to quickly leverage a platform your team already uses every day—like Salesforce—makes maximizing that investment easily attainable.

Is CRM Accelerator Right for You?

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Manage and Measure Impact

Easily prepare, adjust and manage compensation data alongside your CRM data, ensuring you always have one clean record for accurate and timely payouts. 

Familiar UI

Access all critical compensation data and workflows with the ease and familiarity of Salesforce—no additional expertise from your team is required.

Powerful Analytics

Streamline use of powerful Salesforce analytical tools and help build intuitive dashboards to measure compensation program effectiveness with pre-built templates.

Motivate and Drive Performance

Give reps on-demand visibility into their comp plans and commissions within the platform they already use every day.

Motivate Reps

Provide greater transparency into pay and performance, leading to fewer disputes and inquiries, while motivating reps to hit and exceed their quota.

Single Source of Data

Get faster insights to take action and make data-informed decisions with all your data in one place.

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Xactly Incent-CRM Native override payout dispute

Automate and Simplify Comp

Ditch the spreadsheets and manual processes for good. With CRM Accelerator, you no longer need to worry about manual data uploads or extraction processes. Because it’s already preconfigured for Salesforce, you can start to build and manage your programs in no time. 


An extensive help portal and setup guides allow your teams to truly own the entire process. But if you do need our help, we got you covered.

Specialist Not Required

And because you know Salesforce like the back of your hand, you have that familiarity to make changes without investing in specialist resources.

Already an Xactly SimplyComp or Express customer?

If you’re looking for a bit more functionality and scalability for your comp programs, CRM Accelerator provides the next best step to help you grow, all without complicated migration processes.

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If you didn’t have a solution like Xactly, you would be spending all your time doing calculations and just making payroll. With Xactly, you are freed up to give insights to the business on top performers. You have access to more analytics versus just cranking a commission calculator. We are now able to provide the high-level data analytics our finance team needs to make critical decisions.

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Xactly ranked #1 in Customer Experience, TCO/ROI, and Validation

Xactly has an impressive level of information to communicate their commitment and dedication to customer needs for RPM.

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