Xactly Takes the Pain out of Compensation for Cascade

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Xacty integrates seamlessly with our existing Salesforce CRM data to create detailed and useful reports for the Sales teams and senior management.

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James Mayfield
Business Analyst

The Challenge

A major supplier to the Orthotics & Prosthetics industry for over 30 years, Cascade Orthopedic Supply distributes over 300,000 products to O&P professionals throughout North America. The Chico, Calif. based company has expanded organically and by acquisition to offer the industry’s most comprehensive product line to certified, independent providers of prosthetic and orthotic care. Cascade was struggling with manually processing compensation, which often meant finance staff took ten hours to complete a single report. The company was also struggling to pay sales teams more frequently than every quarter, as the manual process was incredibly tedious.

The Solution

Cascade selected Xactly to leverage its existing CRM platform as much as possible. A compensation solution tightly integrated with Salesforce was integral to success. As well as completely automating the commission process, Cascade wanted to ensure sales teams had direct insight into how much they were being paid. With Xactly the teams have access to powerful dashboards and reports in Salesforce to track their performance, while they are on the move.

The Results

By automating their compensation process with Xactly, Cascade was able to increase visibility between the previously contentious sales and finance teams, which greatly benefitted both departments. Sales is able to spend time bringing in new business and Finance now has pertinent numbers at their fingertips. Without using spreadsheets to calculate commission, administrators avoid painful errors when paying their sales reps, and save themselves valuable time. The increased bandwidth has allowed Cascade to handle critical and strategic business objectives rather than struggle with manual processes.