Automation Empowers Credilife© to Compensate Team Members More Strategically

SimplyComp has allowed us to implement a creative, motivating, transparent, and most importantly, reliable comp plan that reinforces our customer-centric corporate culture...
– Brian Del Terzo, co-founder of Credilife

“SimplyComp has allowed us to implement a creative, motivating, transparent, and most importantly, reliable comp plan that reinforces our customer-centric corporate culture. We reward our team on new business, and retention, to insure the focus is on more than the enrollment, but also the ongoing support and success of each client. And the peace of mind afforded to us by a reliable commission tracking platform allows us to focus our attention on our mission without unnecessary distraction."

– Brian Del Terzo, co-founder of Credilife©


Credilife is a financial wellness company empowering people to overcome credit and financial challenges. Their mission, to change lives by influencing people to demand more of themselves than others would ever expect, provide guidance, and education in support of greatness, and to encourage those who come for help to stay the course regardless of the adversity they face along the way.


  • Zero errors in commissions
  • Team members are paid quickly and accurately
  • Ability to create more strategic plans
  • Complete commission transparency for applicable team members

The Challenge

Credilife is on a mission to help consumers overcome their credit-related challenges. Through analysis, education, coaching, motivation, and strategy, the company promotes credit healthy behaviors that are required to build a strong credit profile. To best serve those customers, Credilife needed to provide better transparency to drive the right behaviors within its own sales team.

The Solution

Piecing together compensation on spreadsheets and a digital notebook program, made it difficult for Credilife© to implement plans that best served their mission. By implementing Xactly SimplyComp™, the company is empowered to get more creative with its compensation planning; adding more variables, changes to roles and responsibilities by team member, and more. Credilife found that every commission variable they could think of could be accommodated by SimplyComp. And with the automated solution in place, the company can now calculate commissions with confidence, knowing there will be no errors and its coaches and ancillary team members will be paid quickly and accurately.

The Results

Today, through easy-to-use dashboards, each applicable team member can drill into their active client base to see exactly how their commissions are being calculated. And management has the agility to reimagine its approach to compensation planning; adding multi-faceted plans that better serve the business and incentivize the team. For example, the company is currently reviewing a tiered compensation structure. Moreover, Credilife has the peace of mind knowing that their compensation system will scale and evolve to meet the strategic needs of the business, today and well into the future.

Company Snapshot

Burnsville, MN
50-100 Employees

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