Host Analytics Commissions Pay Off Big with Xactly Express

My finance team loves Xactly Express because they get commission accruals and final payouts on time and without error. Sales loves it because they have visibility into potential and actual earnings.
– Phil Lacorte, VP of Sales Operations


Host Analytics is a SaaS enterprise solution for financial planning, consolidation and reporting so finance can get more done faster, make fewer mistakes and have more time for value-added analysis. When Phil Lacorte, VP of Sales Operations at Host Analytics, started his position as VP of Sales Operations at Host Analytics, he was informed that commissions would fall under his supervision. Lacorte just had one question: how are we managing that process today? The answer is no surprise to anyone who has worked on either side of the commissions table. Spreadsheets. Given the tedium of manually calculating commission in spreadsheets for 60 employees, handing out statements for each individual, and dealing with the administrative neediness of Excel, the search for an SPM solution began.


From seeing Xactly Express™ and talking to peers, Host Analytics knew that Xactly was the go-to-solution for incentive compensation. Express gives Host Analytics an automated compensation process, an opportunity estimator and commissions tracking for reps, and the ability to drive behavior that supports its business strategy.


Host Analytics has now been using Xactly for four years. They report that their finance team loves the solution because they get commission accruals and final payouts on time and without error. The Sales team loves it because they have the clear and real-time visibility into their actual earnings and with opportunity estimator can predict potential earnings. They’ve also seen benefits from SPM in driving multi-year deals paid up front and increasing Salesforce adoption amongst their team.

Company Snapshot

Redwood City, CA
100 - 500 Employees

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