Hyatt Brings Home the Numbers with Incent™

We were on spreadsheets. They were 80-95% accurate, 80-95% of the time.
– Rodahl Leong-Lyons, VP Sales

“We have Xactly Premium [PLUS] Support™; the individuals we have supporting us are highly engaged and respond immediately. We feel like Premium [PLUS] Support is the smartest thing we have ever done.”

– Rodahl Leong-Lyons, Vice President, Sales – The Americas, Hyatt

The Challenge

Hyatt Hotels Corporation is a global hospitality company with widely recognized, industry leading brands and a tradition of innovation developed over a more than 50-year history. Hyatt manages, franchises, owns and develops Hyatt branded hotels, resorts, residential and vacation ownership properties around the world. With the Sales and Catering department handling hundreds of thousands of transactions a month, Hyatt knew it needed to streamline and automate its Incentive Compensation processes to stay ahead of the competition. Compensation was being managed entirely on spreadsheets and calculations were proving to be lengthy, taking an average of eight weeks to close a period. On top of this they were only accurate 80-95% of the time, causing reps to lose faith in the system.

The Solution

Hyatt selected Xactly as it was able to provide the software it needed to fully automate and manage complex compensation plans, while also offering advice on metrics and quotas. With over 1,800 users and 36 different plans now managed in Xactly Incent™, Hyatt is able to ensure accurate and timely payments for reps and managers. The team benefits from a system, which eliminates errors, uses fewer resources and offers a real-time view of progress each month. Reps benefit from easy access to the system via the Xactly mobile app on their tablets, phones or laptops to get accurate data on quota attainment.

The Results

Sales reps and managers no longer need to scan lengthy spreadsheets to verify calculations so teams can focus on selling and improving compensation plans. On top of this, Hyatt’s Finance Directors have a better read on sales figures and full trust on where those numbers come from. Managers can create reports specific to their teams so they can see exactly how much they are going to pay out, two weeks in advance. Now regional vice presidents and senior vice presidents have access to the data they need to better plan and forecast, while teams are focused on reaching targets and delivering results to keep Hyatt ahead of the game. Moving forward, Hyatt plans on utilizing the modeling aspects of Xactly Incent to continue to explore the benefits of changing plans and metrics. 

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