Xactly Brings Clarity to Sales Team


Xactly Incent Express™ has delivered trust in terms of statements, calculations, and issue resolution. If you remove that, you lose the trust of your salespeople.

Luke Smedley
Director of Process and Systems

“Xactly has also enabled us to measure performance in real-time. Now it's easy for management to understand who’s performing and who’s not.”

– Luke Smedley, Director of Process and Systems, Interxion

About Interxion

Interxion is a leading European provider of cloud and carrier-neutral colocation data center services, offering customers the space, power, cooling and physical security to house their computing network, storage and IT infrastructure and connect to a variety of service providers. Its neutral data centers are entirely independent of any network or internet services provider, giving customers the flexibility to select and change to the provider that best suits their business needs.