Managed Service Provider Leverages Xactly SimplyComp to Automate Commissions

The overall functionality, how it works, it was very simple and to the point. It was exactly what we were looking for.

Kirby Watson
Director of Sales
Keep IT Simple

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About Keep IT Simple

Keep IT Simple is a small Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Birmingham, Alabama. The organization helps companies build the proper infrastructure using technology that increases employee productivity and efficiency.

The Challenge

Keep IT Simple is a small Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Birmingham, Alabama. As a marketing firm focused on medical and dental solutions, the company has experienced growth on a number of fronts, including its sales organization. Positive results have allowed Keep IT Simple to plan expansion into regional territory to support more states including Tennessee, Mississippi, and Georgia, within the next few years.

What started as a one-person sales team has grown to four more reps in a short amount of time, with plans to grow to 15 within the next two years. A small backend team calculated commissions in residuals, which proved very meticulous and hard to track. Reps also lacked consistent visibility into what they were getting paid. Their purview was limited to the previous month of what they sold and paid out.

Using spreadsheets to calculate commissions was proving to be a significant manual endeavor. Because this took the Director of Sales and the Director of Operations multiple days to calculate, this left the team dreading month-end and other significant periods of measure. Bringing in another rep was the catalyst prompting Kirby Watson, Director of Sales, to say, “Look, we’ve got to change this.”

It was suddenly top of mind to finally bring in a software solution to handle this manual process.

The Solution

The Keep IT Simple team needed a solution to address a number of their needs. It had to be easy to use, must work with Salesforce, and needed to be aesthetically pleasing. But overall, the solution would have to automate their current process and provide visibility to help motivate the sales team to sell more.

The team started an online search and leveraged Salesforce to find reputable partners. They quickly ruled out other Sales Performance Management (SPM) companies and focused more on Xactly SimplyComp. Immediately, SimplyComp was a favorite. The Keep IT Simple team loved the ease of use, the Salesforce data importing process, and the functionality which supported clawbacks and manual changes. The addition of Xactly implementation support was an added advantage.

“The overall functionality, how it works, it was very simple and to the was exactly what we were looking for,” said Watson.

The Results

From start to finish, the Xactly SimplyComp process took a total of eight weeks. Working with Xactly, as well as having a clear picture of expectations and the data they needed to aggregate, made the process easy.

Once live, the Keep IT Simple team saw immediate relief in:

  • Time savings: teams got back one to two days every month
  • Ease of use: reps have one place to reference, and they go straight there
  • Rep adoption: teams were eager to start using the solution as part of continued best practices