MetaCompliance Increases Revenue Accuracy and Predictability with Xactly Forecasting

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We went from our best endeavors to a sales forecasting accuracy rate of nearly 100%. In addition to the increased sales forecasting precision, we are listened to and treated exceptionally well, relationships matter, therefore we have never attempted to find another Forecasting solution. There is mutual respect and care between our teams.

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Keith Robinson
Vice President of Sales

About MetaCompliance

Since 2005, MetaCompliance has transformed the security awareness training market.

MetaCompliance is a leading cybersecurity and compliance specialist dedicated to helping organizations keep their staff safe online, secure their digital assets, and protect their corporate reputation. Its award-winning, cloud-based platform provides a one-stop-shop management solution to engage users, provide defense against cyber threats, and deliver regulator reporting.

In recent years, MetaCompliance has experienced tremendous growth—quickly expanding its sales team by 400%. Along the way, MetaCompliance has partnered with Xactly Forecasting to support this expansion.

Using Xactly Forecasting, MetaCompliance has been able to:

  • Drive greater revenue predictability
  • Eliminate intuition bias within the forecasting process and make data-driven decisions
  • Achieve sales adoption of the product to boost clean data entry and improve forecasting data hygiene
  • Enhance visibility to provide a more precise view of the pipeline

“Without Xactly Forecasting, calling your number is just a guessing game. Using the product, we’ve been able to increase our sales forecasting accuracy. We’ve experienced extreme growth as an organization, and Xactly Forecasting has been able to support this expansion,” said Keith Robinson, VP of Sales, MetaCompliance.