Qlik Transforms Sales Into a Powerhouse

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With Xactly Incent™, our finance teams have the information they need and our sales teams have visibility. It’s a win-win.

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Anil Nagdev
Manager, Global Field Compensation

The Challenge with Manual Processes and Spreadsheets

Qlik Technologies delivers user-driven business intelligence that transforms data into meaningful information and enables companies to make decisions more accurately and effectively. The company has customers in over 100 countries and a sales team of more than one thousand to support the business. The company used spreadsheets and manual processes to manage their incentive compensation. These were labor intensive and high risk, so Qlik explored ways to create more value for its global workforce and increase revenue with an automated, cloud-based incentive compensation solution.

Seamless Data Integration Solution

Qlik Technologies chose Xactly Incent because it seamlessly integrates data across the enterprise’s CRM, ERP, and HR systems, and can easily accommodate Qlik’s mobile workforce of over one thousand people. Qlik believed Xactly would provide its sales, consulting, and education services teams enhanced visibility to sell more effectively across the globe. Furthermore, Qlik anticipated being able to dramatically reduce disputes and more efficiently resolve errors.

A Strategically Proactive, Compensation Powerhouse

Using Xactly Incent, Qlik has multiplied the capacity of its resources and staff, transforming the formerly reactive organization into a strategically proactive powerhouse. The team’s confidence in the tool is visible across the company as demonstrated by the increase in user adoption, more efficient dispute resolution, and confidence in accuracy of commission payments. Both sales and finance report improved collaboration and use Xactly’s mobile application to check and analyze their performance on the go. As expected, analyzing its compensation data continually incents better behavior and results.