Rosetta Stone Drives Global Sales Performance


With Xactly we are confident that our global sales teams are being paid in the correct currency, all out of one system.

Doug David
, Director of Sales Compensation & Operations
Rosetta Stone

The Challenge: From Spreadsheets to Sustainability

To support their tremendous growth and resolve issues with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, Rosetta Stone was looking to transition its incentive compensation process from spreadsheets to a more sustainable solution. In particular, the company sought a technology platform that would fuel sales performance and mobility, across multiple locations and currencies.

The Solution: A Shift to Incent™

Rosetta Stone selected Xactly Incent™ because the platform exceeded its very stringent compliance requirements. Further, Rosetta Stone anticipated radical shifts in its sales teams’ performance.

Using Xactly Incent, Rosetta Stone has eliminated sales commission payment errors, reduced disputes, and locked SOX compliance in place. Reps easily access their commission information anytime, anywhere from one easy-to-navigate dashboard with Xactly. Along with the ability to drill into transactions and payments, sales maximizes each deal’s potential with estimation features. Executives across multiple functions and business units rely on Xactly’s Analytics™ reports to guide quarterly sales commissions strategy reviews.