SThree Enhances Motivation for Fast-Growing Global Team

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Xactly strategically fits our move to the cloud in replacing a legacy home grown set of systems with a state of the art cloud based and mobile offering.

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Lance Fisher

The Challenge

Global recruitment firm SThree is one of the largest IT recruiters in Europe. The race for talent has never been more crucial than it is today, and recruiters must move quickly to find and on-board new talent for their clients. Effectively engaging staff through incentive compensation is therefore vital. SThree had been relying on a complex home-grown legacy system and basic spreadsheets to manage their sophisticated compensation scheme, which created administrative challenges and risked the inaccurate calculation of compensation.

The Solution

SThree took the decision to automate its sales compensation initiatives in the cloud using Xactly Incent™ software. SThree now has a flexible solution to manage its sophisticated compensation structure. Through using Xactly Incent, SThree has been able to gain an intelligent system of record for all of its compensation programs, providing the company with better accuracy and control while also reducing risk and delivering a clear audit trail. SThree’s global team is also able to easily track commissions anytime, from any mobile device.

The Results

Xactly has provided a new level of transparency in compensation, driving increased trust in the numbers and motivation across SThree’s fast-growing global team. In addition, the team will be able to use “what-if” estimation tools to model the value of various deal structures, allowing them to maximize their payout potential while also helping the organization reach its goals. The automated compensation calculations have improved accuracy, reducing risk and administrative time. Xactly also enables SThree to run robust reports across its historical and current data sets to look at trends and the true cost of each deal. Using Xactly Modeling, the company can look at future compensation plan changes to better understand their potential impact and results. With Xactly, SThree can make the best use of its compensation platform to motivate its global team and continue to grow.