Build a better pipeline with Xactly Forecasting®

Xactly Forecasting empowers Sales and Revenue leaders to drive consistent sales execution and enforce data hygiene to manage pipeline inspection more effectively.

Forecasting Product Tour Screenshot Thumbnail: Identify opportunities you can count on"

Find opportunities.

See how current team activity is trending while identifying opportunities that can be counted on to close.

Forecast your future.

Gain clear visibility into future opportunities and make it easier to explore deals that have potential to close earlier.

Forecasting Product Tour Screenshot Thumbnail: Forecast Your Future
Forecasting Product Tour Screenshot Thumbnail: Keep Deals Moving Forward

Keep deals moving forward.

Utilize alerts to identify where risk exists and keep deals moving forward.

Focus on the right deals.

Work from unified data to close business but also assess performance based on business processes.

Forecasting Product Tour Screenshot Thumbnail: Focus on the Right Deals at the Right Time
Forecasting Product Tour Screenshot Thumbnail: Identify gaps, risk and early warning signs

Identify gaps, risks, and early warning signs.

Understand the true health of each deal to proactively drive strategy and track numbers.

Automate your commission forecasts.

Combine the power of Xactly Forecasting® and Xactly Incent® to visualize commission impacts alongside pipeline data.

Forecasting Product Tour Screenshot Thumbnail: Automate Commission Forecasts

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Xactly Product Overview

Easily align Xactly Forecasting software to your sales and marketing model to drive sales performance and revenue with data-driven insights.


Top Use Cases for Xactly Forecasting

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