Predictive Analytics

Achieve a More Holistic Forecast

Get out of spreadsheet crunching with predictions based on current pipeline data, all in one place.

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Improve Efficiency

Eliminate significant manual effort by automating your commission earnings impact projection.

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Motivate Go-to-Market Teams

Quickly display potential commissions and path to quota for each rep, alongside the guided activities needed to close those deals.

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Inform Better Decisions

Create a clearer path for Finance to collaborate with Revenue leadership and strategize on what’s needed to move your business forward.

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Predict commission exposure.

Xactly's Commission Earnings Forecasting Solution allows you to predict commission exposure and motivate reps with transparency into their expected commissions.

Achieve commission visibility and control.

Compensation, and more specifically commissions, are a huge part of an organization’s operating expenses. But arriving at your projected commissions takes collaboration across several teams and systems. And, because deals in the pipeline are always moving, commissions are too, so point-in-time reports are immediately out of date, leading to significant negative impacts on decision making.

Xactly's Commission Earnings Forecasting solution delivers the visibility and control needed to calculate anticipated commission expenses alongside your constantly shifting pipeline.

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Forecasting Compassion and Commissions Cuts

Automate commission earnings projections.

Visualize possible commission impacts alongside pipeline data in our infographic and see how to build more effective financial plans, and motivate sellers by showcasing how deals will influence their earnings potential.

Value that matters to you.

Finance Leaders

Determine your commission earnings forecast with a direct connection to your pipeline data, increasing the overall accuracy alongside your revenue forecast.

Sales Leaders

Increase reps' visibility to their commissions and optimize compensation plan collaboration to motivate your teams and drive deals to close.

RevOps Leaders

Gain powerful insights into deal health across every opportunity in your pipeline. Optimize guided-selling alerts to drive better seller behavior that wins more deals—all aligned with your compensation plans to inform a more detailed, integrated sales planning process.

Compensation Administrators

Approach financial planning and strategic decisions with better accuracy by seeing potential costs alongside current pipeline metrics.

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