Xactly Analytics™

Xactly Analytics™ not only helps you gain a deeper understanding of your program’s performance, but it also helps you identify your program’s strengths and weaknesses. With improved visibility and easy access to key information, you will have the tools you need to remain agile, maximize revenue, and drive the right behavior among your sales team.


Save Time

Stop spending hours manipulating data; instead, start analyzing your incentive compensation program’s performance in order to understand whether you are driving the right behavior. With a few clicks, you have access to key data using customized dashboards, rankings, and interactive reports. This increases visibility and allows you to make more informed decisions; driving the behavior you want.

Drive Results

Employee Visibility

Communication & Clarity

Simplified Solution

Collaboration Tools

“We have been using Xactly Incent™ and Analytics for several years now and find it invaluable in our compensation process overall. It is easy to use and the sales reps are thrilled to view their compensation any time they wish.”

–Jill Bann, Director of Sales Operations, RSM McGladrey