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2024 Sales Forecasting Benchmark Report

A report for sales forecasting software, predictions, and planning.

4 in 5 sales and finance leaders have missed a sales forecast in the past year.

Sales forecasting is critical to the success of every organization, yet it remains a constant struggle for many. We live in an ever-changing business landscape which demands unified frameworks and approaches across all business functions — especially when it comes to sales forecasting.

The 2024 Sales Forecasting Benchmark Report offers a look at the state of sales forecasting today, the emerging trends, benchmarks, predictions, and solutions for how you can take your Revenue teams (and your sales forecasts) to the next level. 

How will this report help you with your sales forecasting?

  • Learn how to interpret and integrate data for accurate sales forecasting techniques
  • See how to improve collaboration across Sales and Finance teams
  • Explore key considerations for selecting an ideal sales forecasting tool
  • See reporting best practices from sales effectiveness experts
  • Look at where sales forecasting models are headed so you aren’t left behind
  • Acquire concrete steps for improving sales forecast accuracy

Optimize your sales forecasting processes and stop guessing on sales in 2024. Download The 2024 Sales Forecasting Benchmark Report now!

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