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5 Tools That Unleash Intelligent Revenue (UK English)

Psst! This guide is also available in US English.

Pursuing the deals aligned with your revenue objectives is critical if your company is going to build revenue that is long-lasting, predictable and resistant to unexpected market forces. But too many companies can’t identify the deals that will get them to intelligent revenue, and others have a hard time leveraging that data. Only a complete set of tools can unleash the power of intelligent revenue in your organization.

Not all revenue is created equal. Deals that result in longer, more lucrative customer lifespans are more profitable, provide predictability, and are resilient even in turbulent times. That’s Intelligent Revenue—the kind that sustains long-term growth. But without the right tools, it’s difficult for your business to identify and prioritise those opportunities.

A new generation of AI-enhanced technology is empowering leaders to capitalise on revenue data in near real-time.

With the right tools, leaders can plan not just for the current quarter but for the future as well. They can forecast with far greater accuracy, build territories and sales targets with precision, and influence seller behaviour by fine-tuning incentive pay. 

What are those tools? They fall into five categories, each with its own capabilities and strengths.

When combined, they give your business the ability to:

  • Forecast with unprecedented accuracy
  • Actively steer sales behaviours toward the right deals
  • Build productive and resilient sales territories using every bit of data available
  • Understand and influence pipeline for this quarter and into the future

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