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Balancing Talent and Territories: Practical Advice From A Successful Sales Leader

Territory design affects the entire sales process so learning how to create balanced plans is crucial for modern enterprises. Learn how one Xactly customer overcame difficulties in territory development with changes in tactics and technology.

There’s an art and a science to it. We apply the science and then we let the art happen throughout the process.

Manager Sales Operations, Health Care Industry

Territory management, for any sales organization, is a balancing act between the technology and human influence seen in modern enterprises. Combining human-centered map designs with leading-edge technologies helps companies move beyond intuition biases to new, emerging interfaces that completely transform the way sales departments plan and design fair and balanced territories. Today, new tools can help leaders measure, manage, and align territories with business goals.

With Xactly AlignStar territory planning software, one leading healthcare enterprise was able to realign and optimize sales territories based on sales potential to make sure current plans were optimized, fair, and balanced.

In this guide, follow one Xactly customer through their territory management journey as they learned how to:

  • Implement technology to assist territory design and management
  • Leverage insight data
  • Simplify sales crediting
  • Align sales territories and incentive compensation
  • Build up territories with relevant metrics
  • Sales Planning
  • Territory Management